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Solar Container

Supplier of turnkey solar power plants

Capable of functioning independently of an electricity grid, the Solar Power Plant comes pre-installed and pre-cabled and is capable of supplying energy in remote areas where connecting to an electricity grid is not possible, but also for short-term requirements (mobile operations, for example).
The container is fitted with an automated management system for controlling energy prioritization as follows: solar, battery, external source.

Significant battery storage: from 15 to 90 kWh.

No civil engineering required.
Complies with all international maritime, road and rail transport standards.

Energy supply for remote areas

  • Mining
  • Refugee Camps
  • Rural Schools/Clinics/Villages
  • Industrial facilities
  • Pump Stations
  • Agriculture/irrigation
  • Energy supply for telecommunication towers.
  • Military

No fuel costs and no need for any supply logistics, low maintenance

No sound disturbance or unpleasant smells

The ideal solution for remote areas, no civil engineering required


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A solar power plant, with panels, inverters and a storage solution all

integrated in a standard 20 ft. Container Size from 18 solar panels with an output of 5,4 kWp solar- power in several steps up to 174 solar panels with an output of 52 kWp lithium iron phosphate batteries; 15- 90 kWh nominal set up time only 1,5 hour by 3 persons.


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