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Products and Services

  • NetSolar is a solar energy service provider
  • Selling energy at a discounted rate to the Municipal rates
  • NetSolar secures this through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • The PPA is a service contract between NetSolar and the customer, where NetSolar manages the finance, installation and operation of a solar energy system
  • The system is constructed on the roof or car park of the customer
  • The electricity generated is sold to the customer for 10 years
  • After 10 years the customer can choose to continue the PPA or buy the PV system.
  • The monthly cost of energy of the PPA is based on a discounted Municipality peak electricity rate
Commercial PV Solutions

With NetSolar Solutions for your Business, Commercial self-consumption pays off: you can reduce operational costs using your self-generated solar power efficiently.

Residential PV Solution

With NetSolar Solutions for your Home, you can easily become more independent from rising electricity costs by producing your own energy.

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