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Barriers to entry in the solar industry

  • The greatest barrier to entry is the high upfront cost of Solar Power.
  • Given the long life cycle of PV cells (30 years or more), a consumer installing PV essentially pays for 30 years of electricity upfront, rather than on a monthly incremental basis as one pays for plug-in electricity today.
  • Green energy loans come at a cost with high interest rates and require large cash to loan ratios.

NetSolar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • NetSolar offers a Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Where the customer purchases Photovoltaic electricity from NetSolar for 10yrs by way of a PPA agreement.
  • NetSolar thus facilitates commercial entities to gain all of the benefits of solar right away, including the tax rebate, with no capital costs and no fees, with no risk.

In summary

  • NetSolar funds the entire capital cost
  • In exchange for an energy supply agreement in the form of a PPA

The benefits

  • Clean Energy
  • Lower cost than Eskom
  • Tax rebates
  • Lower escalations
  • Lower cost of production
  • Less reliance on Eskom

No capital costs, no fees, no risk, less cost!

How Our PPA Works

  • Develops affordable solar electricity through a PPA.
  • NetSolar Installs roof mount solar.
  • NetSolar takes care of the monitoring & maintenance.
  • Gets a FREE solar system
  • Buys the electricity cheaper for 10 years
  • Enhances your public image with Clean Energy
  • Receives Tax rebates

Environmental Benefit

Decreases CO2 emissions

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