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FAQ: PPA Length & Exits

How Long is a NetSolar Power PPA?

The NetSolar PPA covers 10 years of hassle-free, clean energy production, at a lower cost, with tax rebates and an option to buy-out NetSolar at any time.

10 years of No – Hassle Maintenance

A PPA with NetSolar means a hassle-free solar experience for 10 years. NetSolar owns the equipment, covers all insurance costs, and is responsible to maintain and repair as required.

When you sell your building?

NetSolar knows that a lot can change in 10 years, and so we’ve built in a flexible exit strategy into the PPA. If you want to sell the building during the PPA term, you have two options:

Transfer To New Owner
  • Solar is an attractive asset for new buyers!
  • As such you’re welcome to market your building sale with the solar attached, in which case the NetSolar solar system agreement would be transferred to the new owner.

Buy – out Option: Purchase Price Drops Over Time
  • If you can’t give up your NetSolar solar system
  • We invite you to take advantage of NetSolar’s attractive buy out option
  • After the first five years, the purchase price decreases 4% every year, after year 5.

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